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Feng Zhi Chao MD (Beijing) PhD (Edinburgh) MBAcC


Welcome and thank you for choosing Feng to help you care for your health.

We offer the comprehensive range of acupuncture treatments - as we do it in Beijing, China. There also be pain free or needle free acupuncture available for adult and children.

The most common reasons people to come to see us are for fertility and IVF support; heart disease especially for heart failure and AF; sport injury; speed up healing, pain control; high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, beauty and weight control.

Feng has 30 year experience in clinical medicine. A World Outstanding Acupuncturist (acknowledged by WFAS, the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies, Beijing), A medical and acupuncture doctor in Beijing. A management committee member of the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre for five years. PhD in heart disease, UK. She works side by side with family doctors and consultants to achieve the best results for her patients.

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